a brief History
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STIE Kartasura is a private university managed by the Trianandra Kartasura Education Foundation. Trianandra Foundation itself was founded in 1997 and has been legalized and registered at Sukoharjo District Court by Notary Seno Budi Santoso, SH. With number 02 / May 19, 1997, the members of the Trianandra Education Foundation are:

Chairman: Herwinto Chandra Sutantyo, MA., MBA

Deputy Chairman: Caesar Chandra Trirasdityo, S.Sn

Secretary: Jeanea Chandra Devi, MBA

Treasurer: Hj. Sri Jati Marsono, MBA., B. Eng.

The idea about the establishment of STIE Kartasura was first put forward by Prof. DR. H. Bambang Marsono, MA., MSc., MBA., PhD, the Main Director of Oxford Course Indonesia who also serves as Chair of the Trianandra Foundation Daily Executive Board, then realized in June 1997.

STIE Kartasura was given accreditation by KOPERTIS Region VI Central Java with the issuance of the Minister of Education and Culture Decree No. 65 / D / 0/1998, and the handover ceremony was held on October 21, 1998 at the STIE Kartasura campus yard.

The first time STIE Kartasura admitted new students in the 1998/199 academic year, it only opened 2 (two) undergraduate (S-1) study programs (prog.di) with majors, namely: Management and Accounting. Lectures are held at the campus which is located at Jl. Astana Wirogunan No. 01 Kranggan, Kartasura (Now the ABA Prawira Martha campus).

In 1999/2000 the STIE Kartasura Campus moved to Jalan Ahmad yani No. 138 Gembongan, Kartasura (Now used by the AMIKOM Campus).

Prof. DR. H. Bambang Marsono, MA., MSc., MBA in April 2002 proposed a name change from STIE Kartasura to STIE Trianandra, we immediately sent a letter to the Director General of DIKTI, so the Dirjen DIKTI Decree No: 116 / D / O / 2002 dated 13 June 2002 concerning the Change of Name of the Kartasura College of Economics in Kartasura to become the Trianandra College of Sciences in Kartasura. This year also STIE Trianandra held its first graduation on October 9, 2002.

On 02 November 2006 for the first time STIE Trianandra in Kartasura received accreditation from the National Accreditation Board with Decree Number 018 / BAN-PT / Ak-X / S1 / XI / 2006 and then extended on 27 August 2010 with Decree number 016 / BAN-PT / Ak-XIII / VIII / 2010.

After traveling for approximately 20 years, STIE Trianandra has passed various challenges, all of which can be resolved well, supported by a strong foundation and reliable management from STIE Trianandra.

During this period, STIE Trianandra has been led by 5 chairmen, the first time when the chairperson was applying for permission, Drs. H. Soewadji and later because the regulations had to be from the economics department, it was replaced by Ananta Heri Pramana, SE., MM in 1999/2000, after which the position of Chairman of STIE Trianandra was continued by Drs. H. Muhammad Jalari, SE., MM from 2000-2008, twice served as Chairman of STIE Trianandra with the position of Drs. H. Muhammad Jalari, SE., MM was replaced by Ir. Kusna Djati Purnama, SE., MM until 2017. And since 2018 the Chair of STIE Trianandra has been held by Erwan Nurhidayat, S.Psi., SE., MM

The leaders of STIE Trianandra in Kartasura are as follows:

Chairman: Erwan Nurhidayat, S.Psi., SE., MM

Puket I: Titin Hargyatni, SE., MM

Puket II: Karla Ratna Nurianingsih, SE

Head of Management: Heni Susilowati, SE., MM

Accounting Department: Ratnaningirum, SE., Ak., MSi

LPPM: Jaelani, SE., MM

With the following staff:

Academic Administration Bureau: Dangin Mustofa, SE

General Administration Bureau: Tri Mardiyono

Head of UPT Library: Ir. Kusna Djati Purnomo, SE., MM

Quality Assurance Agency: M. Wasil, SE

Lab. Computer: Sigid Kurniawan, SE

In 2019, STIE Trianandra reached the age of 20 years and has graduated as many as 658 Bachelor of Economics from Management and Accounting majors, of the many alumni of STIE Trianandra 95% have worked well in Government, Bureaucracy, Police, TNI, Private even in the Political Party .

This success cannot be separated from the guidance and direction of the Daily Executive Board of the Trianandra Foundation (the late) Prof. DR. H. Bambang Marsono, MA., MSc. , MBA., PhD which successfully combines study and work so that the alumni of STIE Trianandra are no longer awkward to work.

One that was done by Prof. DR. H. Bambang Marsono, MA., MSc., MBA., PhD, there are several courses that are excellent at STIE Trianandra, in addition to English throughout the year, plus mastery of 4 preferred languages, namely: Japanese, French, Dutch and Arabic, but there is still one more course that only exists in 2 universities in Indonesia, namely STIE Trianandra Jakarta and STIE Trianandra in Kartasura, namely the Cross Culture Management course, where in this course we will learn about cross-cultural meaning to learn several cultures in the world so that when STIE Trianandra graduates interact, they understand their culture.

STIE Trianandra in Kartasura with the motto of having an international perspective, God willing, the future will be better and more advanced, so with the spirit of togetherness and brotherhood we build STIE Trianandra in Kartasura to become a quality university. At this time, student activities under BEM STIE Trianandra in Kartasura are nature lovers under UKM PALASTIET who have climbed mountains all over the island of Java: Merapi, Merbabu, Lawu, Sindoro, Sumbing, Semeru etc. and also Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

The expedition to Inner Baduy has also been successful in 2012, while other activities in the field of information and communication include Trianandra Community Radio at 95.7 FM, Drawing Kids Activities, National Seminars, Regional Seminars, Grand Recitation, Blood Donations, Anjangsana to Orphanages and many more. again.